"Whatever To WordPress"

Is your current site dated? Perhaps you’re paying too much each month for hosting or for another builder.

MinuteBrands can migrate your Drupal, Joomla, ClickFunnels, Squarespace, Weeby, Wix or “Whatever” site to WordPress.

There are a number of reasons why you might choose WordPress. 

  • Price
  • Ease of Updating
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce

Whatever the reason, MinuteBrands can quickly transition your website, regardless of the platform, to WordPress.

(Ok, we’ve moved many sites from WordPress TO other platforms too. Whatever the need, we can help!)


WordPress can be cheaper to host than other platforms. With some builders costing up to $99 and more every month, WordPress can save you money. 

If WordPress is free, why does it cost anything? Good question. In order to host on your domain, you’ll generally need a host which can run as little as a few dollars per month on a shared server. If you have heavy traffic (good problem) or need better performance, you can fairly easily move to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), or a cloud host like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean or WP Engine. Faster options can still wind up costing $25-$100 or more per month, but only when you’re scaling.

Ease Of Updating

WordPress has a dedicated development community that keeps the software up to date for security and added features. In addition, there are nearly infinite plugins (free and paid options for calendars, ecommerce, SEO, forms, etc.) to customize your site. These are usually regularly updated. 

In addition, WordPress can be easy for just about anyone who wants to add pictures, text and other content. 


In many cases you may not feel the need to touch your website. But when you do, WordPress puts you in control. It is Open Source so you can literally change anything (programmers may be needed of course). If you want to switch to a new host (cheaper, better, faster or whatever reason), you can take your site with you without hurdles associated with other platforms.


This is one of our favorites. If you have a Learning Mangement System (LMS or educational learning platform), WordPress can handle it. Complete with a membership, billing, and multiple teachers. There are plugins that can let you host your own Udemy-type website.

How about ecommerce? WooCommerce (the popular and free plugin) powers more ecommerce websites than ANY other platform on the Internet. That’s nearly one third of all ecommerce sites worldwide. And it’s 10% more than Shopify which is the leading second platform.

You can build just about anything you can imagine on WordPress from a small business site to a forum to a coupon site. (Yup. Rumors are true that the billion dollar Groupon started on WordPress.)


Whether you’re blogging as a business or blogging around your business, WordPress makes it easy. It originated as a blogging platform and has extended far beyond that capability. But rest assured, whatever words you want to share can easily be posted on your WordPress site.


Ok, we already mentioned it but all the items above are great reasons to choose WordPress as your ecommerce platform. Automaticc, the company behind WordPress is also the parent of WooCommerce. These combine into a powerful and simple way to sell a few products or a massive store.

Suppose you want to sell custom t-shirts, your Jordan collection, supplements, tickets, digital goods or just about anything else… WordPress will help you do it. And you won’t have to spend tens or hundreds of dollars per month. Sure, you’ll still have hosting and may opt for a few plugins to power you up and simplify your life, but it is the easiest, cheap way to get started. 

And you can have a near limitless site including blogging and whatever else you need to promote or educate along with it on the same platform.

Get Started!

At MinuteBrands, we specialize in helping small and medium businesses quickly migrate or establish their online presence. If you’ve been considering a new website for your project, we provide a free consultation to help you figure out your idea. 

We can work around your budget and help launch your next dream, idea, invention or business. Contact us today!